Latest stable version 0.163
    • Aug24

      StarMade 0.163 Bugfixes, Shield beams, Tutorials

      Hello players,

      here is another update full of bugfixes to long time annoying but also newer bugs, and some small features.

      Shield Supply/Drain Beam

      This new beam will work like the power drain/supply beam with the difference that instead of power, it will drain/supply shields. This is just a first version, and it might not be balanced yet, but that will be done as soon as possible.

      New Moddable Tutorial System

      When going into the main menu, there is now a new option "Tutorials" on the bottom, where you can select from a list of topics. These are at the moment mostly drafts as the most work went into making the system to externalize the tutorial system. The refinement, organization, and more of those tutorials will be done over time, as basically now anybody can make and change them. The data for them is in StarMade/data/tutorial, and itis based on a simple finite state machine.


      The lag from entering a large ship the first time should now be gone.

      Planet generation has been improved to look a lot better on the edges. The algorithm now adapts per distance to the edges gradually in itself (hard to explain without getting technical (basically the noise generation is smoothing itself).

      This will lead to a lot less hard lined cliffs.

      Not that that only planets that haven't generated yet are affected by the change. Planets you visited, or flew by in a one sector distance will not change until universe reset or deletion of the raw planet files individually.


      Importing sectors with planets will now also finally work as intended. You will have to export the sector again though, as the exporting was flawed and didn't include the planet core.

      A very annoying bug, that the players faces glitch through helmets is now also fixed.

      Also, missile radii were calculated with a wrong base always causing small craters, which is now fixed. Additionally we now have the option to assign explosion absorption to the block stats. This means the block damage itself will still be based on hp and armor, but the overall damage the missiles goes on to do in a bigger radius is lessened. This option isn't in use for any blocks yet though, to not accidentally make something overpowered.

      And lastly one extremely annoying bug for basically ever was that the build indicator in moving ships was flickering. This has now be finally fixed, too.

      Here are the other bugs fixed. Resolved means, that they are not 100% confirmed to be fixed.

      Resolved 9
        819 Resolved Switching "Simple light" causes GL_INVALID_OPERATION
        816 Resolved Spam in console: ACTIVATING::::
        804 Resolved Core /Ship Duplicates
        782 Resolved crash at 100%
        728 Resolved Effects increasing power consumption on missiles and increase damage for cannons/pulse/beams + other issues, last message
        495 Resolved Docked Ships do not use Gravity correctly
        420 Resolved importing sector from 0.153 to 0.154
        383 Resolved Sector border: Missiles fired at an oobject in another sector pass through objects without damaging
        303 Resolved /shop_restock_uid appears to not work
        Closed 57
        810 Closed Duplicated Block: burnt yellow dirt (206), burnt yellow dirt (131)
        809 Closed ClassCastException caused by beam weapons
        805 Closed Starmade now require authentification when offline
        779 Closed Crafting buttons in inventory screen capture input incorrectly
        769 Closed Entities rendering partially invisible (Exception on occlusion computations)
        753 Closed Nacht ore block gives you a raw hattel shard
        752 Closed Power supply handheld beam causes ClassCastException when used on a shop.
        751 Closed Non physical micro assembler
        747 Closed Can place ore blocks
        745 Closed REQUIRE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION does not work even with USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION is set to true.
        737 Closed Plexlifter can´t get activated by logic
        732 Closed planets not fully generating.
        713 Closed Area trigger blocks visible in build mode even when TAB+G'd.
        710 Closed You can still see block info with right shift in a zoomed out view in astronaut mode
        700 Closed Random elevations on planets do not look aesthetically pleasing
        697 Closed You can buy blueprints when you are not near a shop
        689 Closed Hard to build while moving ship
        662 Closed Setting faction to auto-war on aggression makes it possible to auto-war traders guild
        639 Closed Update conversion recipes for new orange blocks
        638 Closed Add 'Orange Paint' for recipe update
        637 Closed display module re-edit sometimes places blocks
        636 Closed display module not accessible with R while in ship core
        625 Closed Non-Block Models On Ships Are Rendering Through Blocks
        613 Closed Destroy Entity not logging correct target
        582 Closed FAILED ACTIVATING - reenqueueing
        579 Closed Missiles: impact detection often too late
        571 Closed Trigger Area acting
        559 Closed Radius on missiles incorrectly reported
        544 Closed The online players list and Database window (F3) jumps back up.
        526 Closed Ships that are undocked immediately turn to look in the direction they were in right before they docked.
        524 Closed Blocksaround z -113 to -114 vanish on placement
        523 Closed Dumbfire Missles + Overdrive Effect
        519 Closed Line in the middle of planet pentagon
        493 Closed Salvage Cannons get stuck on if power runs out
        484 Closed Damage Beam Incorrectly Calculated.
        474 Closed Switching frequently to inventory/ai config tab causes heavy ship rotation
        467 Closed Mesh block face invisible next to area trigger
        465 Closed Damage Pulse system does not gain damage from additional blocks
        455 Closed salvage cannons stay on if you run out of power
        452 Closed "Size of hit indications" option bug
        448 Closed Planet HP can go negative
        444 Closed /shop_restock over fills a shops stock
        439 Closed Ghosted sections of ship after missile strike
        413 Closed Several effects broken when used with beams
        389 Closed Loading large ships causes tons of lag (400k mass +)
        387 Closed SDBB type missiles and beam d1000 combo tracking docked turrets when zoomed out
        382 Closed Effect module bug: Firering with effect -> inactive
        370 Closed Missiles do not do damage to planet cores.
        369 Closed Inadvertent block placement when using ABM sliders
        364 Closed /ship_info_name requires server/game to restart
        353 Closed /despawn_all ignores anything after underscore
        344 Closed /clear_overheating Functions Erratically
        338 Closed PlexLifter glitches out on planets
        254 Closed Block orientations in Avanced Build Mode are not always saved when switching to other blocks
        230 Closed AMC "Slave" system firing with main, on turrets
        217 Closed Unable to hotkey Docking modules on a ship/station
        195 Closed /import_sector can ONLY add stuff to sector


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Aug22

      New StarMade Launcher v12 Test Release

      Hello players,

      after waiting and verifying for SSL signing the certificates are finally here, and I was able to sign the executables. That means upon starting, there should not be any malware warning, which happened because of missing certification.


      I'm not raising the current minimum launcher version, so players using the old one will not get a message that a new one is out until public testing is done.

      Both launchers should work at the same time.

      Download them here (Please make backups just to be sure):



      Here are the new features:


      Download only differences in updates

      When downlaoding a new version, the launcher will no longer download files that havent changed. This makes the base download slightly bigger (since it's no longer zipped), but regular patches will be as low as 30MB. We will further reduce that size by externalizing even more.

      Installation Path

      In the top menu there is now a new item for installation settings. You can either enter a relative path from where your launcher is (like it is now), or choose a fixed location. Also you can use this to switch between installations on the fly. The launcher will automatically scan the selected directory for an installation.

      Build Branch

      Also in the installation settings, you can now choose the branch of builds: Release (default and recommended), Pre, Dev, and Archive. Please note that if there is no entry for a branch (like pre, and archive currently), an error message will pop up. Leaving it as release is best at this point.

      Dev versions are accessible now, but they will soon be exclusive usable by testers.

      Version Switching

      A new options button the main panel has been added. In this panel you can choose to go to any version and build of the branch you selected, so rolling back if your server is on an older version is no longer a hassle. The differences between the versions are of course downloaded here as well.

      Download Repair&Resume

      By selecting the latest version in the options, you can not repair a damaged installation (if the damage is not in the player database but the game files of course). It works like the steam file verification and re-downloads every file that became corrupted or changed. You can also choose to force re-download every file of the chosen version, which of course will take longer.

      Better Download Statistics

      The progress bars are now much more detailed giving you exact information of what the launcher is doing

      Backup Modes

      Before every version change you now have the option to either backup every file, or only backup the player database, which can be a lot smaller for singleplayer worlds. You also of course have the option to not backup at all.

      News display

      Finally the display of the latest news is fixed. Also there were quick links added to the most common StarMade resources.

      Self Updater

      For future fixes and updates on the launcher, the system now can update itself, which makes updating to a new launcher version just clicking one button. WARNING: since i didn't raise the minimum version yet, doing this option now will replace your new launcher with the old one



      Please send any problems with the new launcher to either one of the testers (better for me to handle), or to my email.



      Other things

      A new version with a lot of bug fixes is on the way (thanks to all the testers!), and the planning for the new universes as well as ftl-related things is almost done, and implementation can begin probably next week.



      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema




    • Aug10

      StarMade 0.1617 Hotfix Patch

      Hello players,

      another hotfix patch is being uploaded now (available in about 15-30 min from this post). (Edit: Upload takes a little longer.)

      • fixed rendering glitches (structures not or only partially drawn). I looked in to problems with intel, but in this case it wasn't intel at all. Due to the optimization in chunk lighting calculations, some raytrace counts selected in the options would cause the bug because of a rounding error. You can now also change the raytrace count ingame without having to restart
      • Nacht ore blocks should now give you the correct raw ore when harvesting.
      • As promised, I implemented a simpler dynamic lighting model for older graphics card to gain some fps (can be selected in the ingame options)
      • Some more optimizations have been done to shaders to further gain some fps in the default lighting model
      • New textures for new light blocks and new tinted glass have been added (Arwork from Tom(Kupu) of course).

      Sorry about the inconveniences,

      thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Aug8

      StarMade 0.1616 Infinite Chain Docking

      *Just a reminder, the Station Contest will be closing at the end of August 12th*

      Hello players,

      another update is up. It it foremost bugfixing and optimization, but also contains a nice gameplay feature.

      Infinite Chain Docking

      Chain docking is no longer limited. The only restriction is, that you can't currently dock anything on a turret.

      Bug Fixes

      Some major fixes have been done. Especially in the unwanted rotation when undocking or entering a ship. Also the initial docking process when loading in ships with a lot of turrets has been made more robust to not cause lag on server or client.

      Several causes for crashes have also been identifies and fixed.

      Also, debris now falls down on planets.



      Shadows have been optimized by a lot, and you should now get a lot higher fps when using the.
      Also some small optimizations have been made to general drawing performance.
      I also plan a new reduced dynamic lighting mode, that will boost fps for slower machines, but that isn't in this update.

      Also, optimizations to the lighting calculations have been made, so chunks should now display much faster.


      Other Things

      Most of the time this week however went into a new launcher/updater system. The new system will have the ability to only download files that have actually changed. Furthermore, you will be able to change the installation directory, manage multiple installations, and switch to any older version with just a few clicks.

      For planned features, it's finally time to design a new more interesting structure for the universe, and with that various forms of FTL.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,
      - schema

    • Aug3

      StarMade 0.1611 Hotfix Patch

      Hello players,

      there were a few urgent bugs which have been fixed now. More bugfixes are being worked on.


      - Armor harden now also caps at 50% to prevent invulnerability

      - Crash when accessing personal factories after opening a block factory inventory

      - Factory blocks could not be connected



      - fixed server crash when player faction suddently becomes unavailable (player leaves faction in battle)

      - players in battle are now killed when changing or leaving factions to prevent exploitation

      - ship copy is now done in a more safe way to prevent corruption (block connections lost)

      - winner display has been fixed

      - players in battle are now updated life in the leaderboard panel (k)

      - specktators are now instantly warped into battle if there is one going on (killed fighters can watch the rest of the battle)

      - if the battle cannot start because the sector cannot import because it's still active, all players in that sector will be killed.


      Thanks for palying StarMade,

      - schema


    • Aug1

      StarMade 0.16 - Crafting and BattleMode

      Hello players,


      the crafting update is finally in a working state. Also an all new

      Game Mode called "BattleMode" was added.




      The crafting system essentially replaces the currently recipe system (random recipes still work, but will be taken out gradually).


      Basically, each block has now a number of other blocks they consist of. Those blocks then again have something they consist of, and so forth. This forms the basis of the crafting tree.


      New Raw Resources and Rocks


      There are two types of raw resources: ore and shards.


      Those are now separated from blocks. That means they can spawn in any rock. If you salvage a rock that has a resource in it, both the rock and the resource will be placed in your inventory. If you destroy the block, the resource is lost, too.


      Raw resources have to be processed first! There are two new factories to do that: The capsule factory, which turns raw resources into capsules, and the micro assembler, which turns capsules into either metal meshes or circuits which are used as basis for blocks.


      Capsules basically are refined resources made from raw ones. You'll get multiple from each raw resource you put in.


      There are also 8 new types of rocks used in recipes. Those are now spawned on asteroids. You will also find 2 types of ores/shards on asteroids and planets now. On asteroids, depending on the asteroid type, the same resources will spawn. On planets it will be 2 random resources.


      New Crafting Items


      Several new block types were added as part of the crafting system, although they serve only as an intermediate stage in the crafting of other blocks, we gave them textures that you might find useful in decorating parts of your ship.  With Kupu’s changes to the texture sheet, and the addition of these new crafting items, there are a lot of new looks to try out on your ships and stations!


      Personal Crafting


      But now you can not only use factories to craft, it can also be done in the player inventory. The capsule factory and micro assembler are permanently available there. They work slower than factories, but they can do all basic things. The last one available in the inventory is the factory crafting, where you can make the macro factory. The macro factory makes ALL other blocks in the game.


      This means, even if you are stranded on a planet without any block, you can make a core from nothing, survival mode! Here is a little rundown on how


      Small Tutorial


      to make a core:


      1. collect ore or shards (type is irrelevant but it's better focus on either shards or ore exclusively at first)

      2. open inventory and click on the capsule button

      3. place either ore or shards in the slot. Don't place both, or else you won't have enough space for the product to be put there.

      3. You should be getting capsules

      4. Place the produced in your inventory

      5. click on the micro button in the inventory and place your produced capsules there. You should be getting either circuits (from shard capsules) or metal meshes (from ore capsules). Also only place one type at a time in the slot, as there has to be space for the product to be placed.

      6. with 20 metal meshes or 20 circuits you can finally make the macro factory, which can produce all other blocks. put the 20 meshes in the slot after you press the factory button in the inventory.

      7. place down your factory.

      8. open the factory with R and select the ship core as production. In the graph you can see that other than circuits, you require metal grills. A factory can only do ONE STEP OF THE TREE at a time, so you will first have to change the production to metal grill

      9. place in some metal meshes and the factory should now produce metal grills. Because factories require power and you don't have a power block, you can shoot it with with the new personal PowerSupplyBeam weapon until you can produce a power block.

      10. when you have enough grills, put in some circuits and select "core" as product again.

      11. your factory will now produce cores if you have the required resources.


      Calbiri did a great job conceptualizing all the recipes applying them to the game.  Still, the recipes may be adjusted as the need arises, it’s not always easy to predict every issue in a new crafting system.


      It was not small work:



      Factory Linking


      As before, factories can be linked together. Linking a factory to another has the effect, that the factory can move elements out of all other factories that are connected into its own inventory and proceed to use them for production. This means, you can basically rebuild a crafting tree with the necessary factories linked together to be able to create anything from just resources and rock.


      Dynamic Prices


      To fix the economy, prices will also be based on what blocks are made of. The option is available in server.cfg but not on at the moment, as not all base elements and prices are fully balanced yet.


      Battle Mode


      On a completely other area, an all new game mode has been added to StarMade. Because PvP in sandbox is always connected to time consuming rebuilding, fleeing ships, and other things that don't allow for quick simple fun, battle mode was created. Essentially, an admin can either run this mode on top of sandbox, or dedicate the server to the mode.


      Dedicated means, that players will spawn in a personal sector that has its own unlimited shop. They can't leave that sector though.


      This is how battlemode works:


      1. A countdown will run down. Players can press k to look up the current status and leaderboards.

      2. To enter a battle, the players have to join the battle factions defined by the admin. Those factions will always be open to join from the faction hub menu. Logged out players are automatically removed

      3. Depending on what faction configuration have the most players, an FFA (if more players are in the FFA faction), or team battle (if more players are in the team factions) will start

      4. upon start, all players are warped into battle in that ship they are currently in. A copy of that ship will remain in the personal sector. You can also warp into battle as an astronaut

      5. Before the battle starts, the ships can neither fire nor move, except the astronauts, so they have time to man a turret of a teammate

      6. The battle itself is deathmatch or team deathmatch at the moment, but more modes will come.

      7. After the match, the players are brought back to their sectors where they can make changes to improve their fighters.


      Admins can also define the map that is used in the battle secor by simply exporting a sector and setting that name in the config.


      All the necessary options are in the server config. Please do not turn on personal sectors on existing sandbox servers as it might jail players (the sector mode to not be able to enter/exit can be set with admin commands).


      I’ll add a tutorial on the config options for battle mode shortly.


      Personal weapons


      Two new personal weapons have been added. A healing beam that also works on astronauts, and a power supply beam that will supply power to ships/stations/planets.


      Both new weapons will be in the default inventory, and soon be craftable. There are also (amongst others) new admin commands to acquire them.


      All updated commands can be found here:




      Some performance updates include better shard management to combat lag spikes from them.


      Special thanks to all the testers! In the following week I’ll try to make the bug count a lot smaller.


      Here are the fixes for this version:

        Resolved 9
        732 Resolved planets not fully generating.
        724 Resolved When editing Display blocks, text is reset for all directions except one
        723 Resolved some keys are still functional while chatting
        702 Resolved Beams + cannon scale in the wrong way.
        664 Resolved Scrollbar for block type removal cannot be click-dragged
        651 Resolved Build mode switch inertia follows into flight mode
        628 Resolved Ion system used defensively still causes invulnerability
        498 Resolved Beams Do Not Consume Correct Power
        195 Resolved /import_sector can ONLY add stuff to sector
        Closed 5
        690 Closed View distance of planets and stars are fixed: increasing sector size doesn't change it
        675 Closed Undocking a ship, causes random logic updates.
        673 Closed Docking Module: Docking modules with enhancers cannot be triggered by logic anymore
        618 Closed Logging out in a build block -> Logging in near origin's point of the object (see notes)
        405 Closed docked ship desync


      If there are any problems, please don't panic. As always I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Jul24

      StarMade 0.15997 New Textures, Debris, Display Block update, and more

      Hello players,

      the new release is here. The crafting system is almost done, and most of the elements are already ingame. Here are the new features:


      New Texture Pack

      A whole new texture pack by kupu has been added to the game. It is called "Default", and as the name implies will be the new default texture pack.


      A debris effect has been added to the game when taking out blocks. The game will spawn in debris modeled by Keaton (Omni).

      It's made in a way to be as fast as possible for the computer. It is a client only effect so it wont affect servers in any way. It will also automatically adapt to the cpu performance, so the faster your performance is, the more debris will be kept around. There might be still some issues on spawning in larger amounts at once on slower machines, but I will sort those out. You can also just switch the debris off in the ingame options if you set the debris lifetime to 0.

      Display block styles

      Upon clicking on a display block (which now has a better texture), you can now change the color and the font size. Furthermore you can now use variables like shields and shield capacity as well as power of the ship in the text. More variables will of course follow. Display blocks now also save correctly in the blueprints.


      The lighting system has been overhauled. The first thing is, you will no longer see any change of lighting indoors when the ship is moving. Also, dynamic shadows will no longer darken indoor areas when turned on.

      Furthermore occlusion light and light source light have been separated and extended to increase lighting quality by a lot.

      An option has been added (at startup) to customize the amount of raytracing rays used by the lighting system. Increasing this will not impact your fps, it will just take longer for chunks to update lighting (or load in at start). The higher the number, the finer the light will look.


      The logic issues have been fixed. Signals now will only delegate if their state was changed. Because they forwarded before, logic could have a lot of false loops in them causing the logic circuit to be unusable, Loading of logic has been optimized so it should come in a lot faster.

      Further optimization to system logic has been done to increase speed of loading the ship systems up and decrease its memory usage.

      Several more optimizations have been done on various places.


      As always, if there are any immediate problems, please report them in the support chat and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema


      Here is the full bug changelog since the last release (Keep in mind that "resolved" are not confirmed yet (fix not tested))

      Toggle_check # Status Subject
        Resolved 39
        690 Resolved View distance of planets and stars are fixed: increasing sector size doesn't change it
        675 Resolved Undocking a ship, causes random logic updates.
        673 Resolved Docking Module: Docking modules with enhancers cannot be triggered by logic anymore
        653 Resolved destroying faction home planet cores with missiles
        649 Resolved Scroll Bar Glitches on Plexstorage
        624 Resolved Display Module: Orientation and position of screen, not correct on ships
        618 Resolved Logging out in a build block -> Logging in near origin's point of the object (see notes)
        613 Resolved Destroy Entity not logging correct target
        608 Resolved Non-repeating delay trigger have no on/off texture
        602 Resolved Build Error with Symmetry
        593 Resolved Shields not updating properly when ship takes damage
        591 Resolved Undocking stuck turrets from their motherships can cause both mothership and turret to fly off stuck at very high speeds
        582 Resolved FAILED ACTIVATING - reenqueueing
        579 Resolved Missiles: impact detection often too late
        577 Resolved Missiles blow through shields and hull and damage players and docked entitites inside
        571 Resolved Trigger Area acting
        563 Resolved Docking Module: false triggers undock
        524 Resolved Blocksaround z -113 to -114 vanish on placement
        523 Resolved Dumbfire Missles + Overdrive Effect
        470 Resolved Docked ships are immune to all movement effects
        467 Resolved Mesh block face invisible next to area trigger
        465 Resolved Damage Pulse system does not gain damage from additional blocks
        454 Resolved Turret rotation bug
        420 Resolved importing sector from 0.153 to 0.154
        419 Resolved Shotgun beams don't work (Beam + D1000)
        405 Resolved docked ship desync
        403 Resolved Connecting new computers to weaponsystems allows quick reloading
        387 Resolved SDBB type missiles and beam d1000 combo tracking docked turrets when zoomed out
        382 Resolved Effect module bug: Firering with effect -> inactive
        374 Resolved Defense Effects & Docked Entity's and Turrets
        371 Resolved Releasing 'fire' button while weapon recharges influences power consumption
        367 Resolved Lighting in ships changes depending on orientation
        345 Resolved Lock on missiles lock onto targets that are not displayed.
        340 Resolved Turrets damage the entity they are docked to and each other
        333 Resolved Looking directly up/down while in gravity screws up movement controls
        331 Resolved Holes to Core in Planet Segments/Tall Cube Mountains - Terrain Generation
        312 Resolved Beams do not do any damage to planet core
        282 Resolved Persistant 'locked target' marker
        78 Resolved Obsolete textures still selectable - Oldstyle / cartoonish
        Closed 41
        692 Closed Nullpointer - Serverside crash (Testserver)
        691 Closed ClassCastException: cannot be cast to com.bulletphysics.collision.shapes.CompoundShape
        680 Closed Switching to SD Cockpit view or removing a cockpit causes instant crash (ClassCastException)
        656 Closed Crash when using advanced build mode on rotatable blocks -> BufferOverflowException: null
        609 Closed salavaging/removing a docked core, does not trigger the dock to be 'free' (logic)
        606 Closed Continous 'signal looping'
        598 Closed Editing a ship causes power instabilities
        596 Closed New placed 'activators' not working until being linked
        595 Closed reply to message from schema causes client crash
        586 Closed Mail: Stacking [RE][RE][RE][RE][RE][RE]
        585 Closed Mails are not saved
        584 Closed Cannot delete mails
        583 Closed Chat glitch - not showing up chat when typing long lines
        574 Closed Thrust Logarithmically nerfed rather than buffed
        564 Closed Rollbackbug: First hit on new exception catcher
        532 Closed NullPointerException when attacking planets
        518 Closed Holding the "free look" key and looking at nearby blocks displays an option to "activate" non-interactive blocks
        516 Closed Switching From Build Mode to Flight Mode Doesn't Remember X, Y, Z, Settings
        509 Closed Paste mode: Blacklist blocks
        508 Closed Paste mode stays active after exiting ship
        506 Closed Config: ADMINS_CIRCUMVENT_STRUCTURE_CONTROL not functional
        500 Closed switch NOT, OR, AND-Gates with R from buildmode makes you exit the ship
        499 Closed Sector not found -> Crash
        497 Closed Crash when placing 10x10x10 (normal/paste)
        496 Closed NullPointerException: REQUESTED TYPE 0 IS NULL - on paste in adv build mode
        486 Closed Overdrive thruster boost + other systems - no cap
        479 Closed Logic Circuits freeze up on re-load
        445 Closed Some Computers Facing Port and Starboard Are Upsidedown
        442 Closed Ion system over 100% efficiency turns damage into shield power
        407 Closed Item Cloning - 2 Player with Chest
        390 Closed Pentas facing forward left have a concave face
        366 Closed Shift clicking does not work in hotbar
        356 Closed Feature: Shield Regen % mechanic
        350 Closed Dis-integrators explode when recieving a "false" signal from logic blocks
        348 Closed Feature: Beam Optimizations
        307 Closed Bug Reports from 0.151 (NullPointerException)
        274 Closed Build mode reporting shield block count as 0
        256 Closed Item Cloning - fast click on a stack (move around)
        215 Closed Shield health regen % curve
        107 Closed Killed another Universe upon approaching Planet
        10 Closed Faction permission module ignores 'controllers'
    • Jul16

      NPC Station Contest

      As Schema mentioned a few days ago, we are holding a contest to select the new default NPC stations for the Trading Guild, Pirates, and Abandoned stations.  We have written up some further information for you reguarding the types of stations and how/where to submit your entry.  You can find these details, and post your entry (once you upload it) in comments to this thread.

      Keep up with this thread even if your not submitting, as there will be some amazing entrys, and the community will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites to make it into the vanilla build.

    • Jul10

      StarMade 0.1595 Display Block

      Hello players,

      we are working hard on the new crafting system, which will also include a change to world generation to make it a lot more flexible. The new system will give the game the ability to place resources inside any type of rock, soil, or other terrain type blocks. This will make the system of handling those ores much more smooth and logical. Also the graphical limitation not being able to of place for example ore in a red rock will be gone, which will make asteroids and planets look much more uniform. We also plan new and more dynamic types of planets.

      This means that the after the L2-L5 ores already changed, the L1 ore will soon turn into pure rock types. Please be sure to sell them if you don't need it.

      The build is currently in transition to the new system which takes a little time to get right, so I apologize in front for any instability and glitches.

      But now to the new features:

      Display blocks

      Found in the "decoration" category, this block can be placed anywhere in the game. It will basically display its text content to a screen on the outside. The screen position depends on the orientation of the display blocks. It is made using starmade's streaming capabilities to use private channels and "request only what you see" to minimize impact on performance and network. Press R on a display block to edit its content. The editor is a little wonky still so your text might get cut of in it (but still is considered valid if you write on). Also, kupu already made a way better version of the background screen, which will follow soon.


      Custom station spawning

      In this build, admins will be finally able to customize station spawning. There is a new directory "blueprints-stations" in the main dir of starmade. in there there are 3 subfolders "pirate", "neutral", and "trading-guild" (those folders might not exist when updating, since there are no defaults yet, so you can create them if needed). Depending on the location, blueprint folders from that locations will be taken to replace the default station (which is still used if the folders are empty), and the content is spawned with the according faction.

      We will also soon make a contest for stations to put as a default in the vanilla version.


      Over 20 bugs have also been fixed for this version. Check out the full history in

      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Jul3

      StarMade 0.1591 Hotfix

      Hello players,

      I apologize for the kind of fragmented updates. I hurried the rollback bugfix, as every day players were losing some work.

      This update should finally make the Player Mail System usable. There was a bug with names containing uppercase letters not being saved correctly in the database. Also there was a client crash happening when clicking on "reply".

      Also, Importing sectors should now work again (but untested)

      Furthermore, the logic block problems should now be fixed. Those problem arose with a rather big feature I forgot to mention in the last update. Active logic will now save its exact state when unloading and reactivate when the sector containing the logic-structure gets reloaded.


      Sorry again for the inconveniences. Should there be any more follow-up bugs I'll fix them asap.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Jul2

      StarMade 0.159 Fixes & Mail System

      Hello players,

      another update is done. This update should finally fix the rollback (saving) bug, that was happening on servers for some time. I can't say yet if it's 100% fixed as there is no real method to trigger it on purpose, but I'm fairly confident.

      The crafting system is also mostly done in terms of implementation (it's not yet active in game though).

      Mailing System

      Players (and the system) can now finally send mail to other players even if they are not online. All data is stored in the database and consistent over logouts or server restarts.

      You can open the message panel with F4 (until i find a better spot in the GUI). A message will popup if you have new mail.

      Also as a first application for system mail, all players of the affected factions will now receive mail if war is declared.

      Fixes and Balance

      Several fixes have been done. You can look up the exact status at

      Thrust and shields have been buffed more.

      For people wanting thrust to less effect the max speed on servers with high max speed, please ask your admin to lower the linear damping. A new default value has been set, but it will not apply on existing servers (only when installing new).

      As always: Nothing is final and more balancing is still to be done.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema


    • Jun29

      Upcoming texture changes.

      Hello Pilots!

      I'm excited to share with you all a preview of our upcoming texture overhaul.  

      Texture preview.

      This overhaul will replace the existing "Realistic" option as a new default, while staying true to the majority of designs to avoid any confusion.
      The designs, clarity and tiling of the new textures should not only look prettier,  but make more sense visually.  

      I'll be displaying more in-depth samples here;   and will try and answer as many questions as possible should you have any.

      As always,  thank you for playing Starmade.



    • Jun26

      StarMade 0.1584 (balance)

      Sorry for the small little updates.

      Thrust and chield capacity has been buffed.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Jun26

      StarMade 0.1583 (hotfix)

      Hello players,

      - another small hotfix: The method to catch the rollback bug is throwing a false positive.

      - repeating undo/redo fixed.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Jun25

      StarMade 0.1581 (hotfix)

      Not being able to remove blocks has been fixed.

      Every time i do a lot of things to dev build there is no problem. But as soon as i do one little thing (one line) untested for release, it's game breaking.

      Sorry for the inconvenience

      **Edit by Calbiri - Update on the thrust setting is HERE

      **Edit by schema - Mac isssue should be resolved. A library was used that were compiled for java7 instead of java6. If you're wondering, why StarMade is using Java6, well, this is the reason ;)


      - schema

    • Jun25

      Starmade V0.158

      Hello players,
      Most of the work in the last week went into the new crafting system, and other new things that are still WIP and not available yet, but will be soon.
      However, there are some new features:

      New Advanced Build Mode functions,

      • Undo/Redo - Players can now undo and redo their last steps of building ships. This makes it a lot easier to correct small mistakes. The size of the undo-queue can be adjusted in settings.cfg if needed.
      • Copy/Paste - While still a little wonky when selected, it already serves its purpose. You can now select a region of your structure and paste it as often as you want. For block connections, they are also copied as long as the control block is in the copied area. It doesn't yet work with the symmetry planes, but that will be added soon
      • Remove Filter - To quickly refit ships, this option was added. You can use it to select one block type to remove. Remove-Clicking will then only remove that type of block.
      • Mass Place Size (10^3) - This may now be set to new sizes in the server config, **placing in large volume has a high risk of lag, be cautious.**  
      • Shields - Shields are now divided into two blocks, to allow for better balancing. There is now the shield-capacity and the shield-recharge blocks. Current shield blocks on ships will be replaced with shield capacity, so it's advisable to use the new build tools to replace some of them with recharge blocks. Shield Recharge doesn't have a texture yet, but that will be updated in a few days.
      • Thrust - This is still in balancing. Thrust has been adjusted with more configurable values to be more in line with the new balance numbers.
      • Block HP - Non hull blocks have had a reduction in their HP, this should eventually be followed by a reduction in their mass in a later patch.  
      • Crafting - The existing crafting system is changing, we are retiring the old "L1-L5" ores and replacing them with a smaller set of minerals, the 8 new metals and crystals are already in the game as the new Crystal and Ingot blocks we introduced recently, the new crafting system will be based on the ores for these as a basic resource. You can still sell off your previous minerals, but you will no longer be able to purchase them from shops.  (For additional decorations, try placing the new Capsule items.)
      • Collision Damage -  Another update has been done on collision damage, the damage effect should now be more realistic, based on the mass/velocity of the 2 entities.  
      • Asteroid Names - fixed name collision in asteroid files.
      • Debugging - Added debug methot to track save-reroll bug.
      • Duping - fixed exploit to duplicate blocks (not giving more info.)

      There have been a lot of bugs fixed. If you want an overview please visit, you may also post any bugs there that you find in this new patch.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,
      - schema

    • Jun6

      Version 0.151

      Schema has uploaded a fix for the weapon combination curves. A calculator to see how a buff/nerf works has been added in the "tools" section of the client startup screen.

      Also there are a few fixes:

      - AI can now use Missiles and Beams
      - Shields are now ignored by pull/push/stop effects (can be edited in the config though if you want to turn it off again)
      - /kill_character admin command crash fixed
      - some initial changes to the vanilla config. There will soon be more as more feedback comes in.

      Please don't panic about some values in the config. We are working to fix it.

    • Jun5

      Patch Day! StarMade 0.15

      StarMade 0.15


      Hello and welcome to StarMade,

      finally the new update is done.  A whole bunch of game changes to features and optimizations have been made.

      The most anticipated one is probably the new weapon system:

      Weapon System

      Based on the ideas and concepts of Calbiri and his discussion partners, this new system will change how ship weapons are designed in StarMade, and how the game is balanced.

      First up: We have changed a lot of systems to improve balance.  These changes are based on calculating the strength of a system through group sizes and a linear growth of damage done or prevented.  

      But, if you don't like the current balance, don't worry, you can change it to what you like!  (This will apply to many other game settings, using configs to make custom servers and modding far easier.)  

      Also, our vanilla balance is currently in testing, and is not final yet.  We will be always looking for feedback and configs from servers to improve the vanilla version.

      The weapon system has been done for a month now, but since I want full moddability and a better way to balance the game, every single value has been externalized into an easily moddable config (/data/blockBehaviorConfig.xml).  It turned out to be the right decision, as while I would have been able to push the update out further, balancing would probably in the end be taking at least twice as long as implementing the fully modability.

      The config, like e.g. the blockBehaviorConfig is individual per server, and automatically downloaded to the clients.  That means, each server can have its own balance and set of rules if they wish to.  You can even push config changes live ingame, so a server could for example engage a config that is meant for a certain minigame.  Unique config’s per sector/region are also planned.  

      New Basic Weapons

      There are two new basic weapons in the game: A damage pulse, that does area of effect damage to all blocks in range, and the damage beam, that works like the repair beam, only the other way around ^^.  

      The Cannon (Weapon Computer), Missile (d1000), Damage Pulse, and Damage Beam (names are wip), are the MAIN systems, which can be used in combinations. 

      Combination System

      This system extends the old weapon system by a huge number of possibilities.  

      You can connect any MAIN system to any shooting system (salvage, astrotech, etc, as well as all MAIN) to get a change in the weapon behavior.  


      The effects are fully customizable by the ratio of the blocks you connect. So if you connect a Weapon Computer with 100 AMC to a master Weapon Computer with 200 AMC, you get just 50% of the reload buff, but also only 50% of the damage nerf. This means you can fully customize your weapons exactly the way you like.

      Effect System

      Not only can you combine your weapon systems, you can also add an effect to it.  Effects change how a weapons damage is applied on impact.  There are already 8 effects to choose from and more to come.  The effects can be connected to MAIN systems, but you can also use the effects as stand-alone systems to get a defensive bonus on your ship.  The same ratio system applies here as well.  If you connect a 50-block effect to a 100-block Weapon, you get half of it’s bonus.  

      • Emp    

      -Combination: Converts the weapons damage to instead do damage to the

      power of the enemy ship.  

      -Defensive: Protects against power damage.  

      • Explosive

      -Combination: Adds an explosion effect to the weapon dividing its damage

      among 6 blocks at once.  Adds extra radius to missiles and pulse.  

      -Defensive: Protects against unnatural gravity effects like push/pull/stop.  

      • Ion

      -Combination: Does more damage to shields, at the cost of less damage

      done to blocks.  

      -Defensive: Hardens shields with a % of damage reduction.  

      • Piercing

      -Combination: Adds piercing effect to weapon impacts, damaging blocks

      behind the point of impact at the cost of focused block and shield damage.     

      -Defensive: Protects against piercing and punch through effects.  

      • Punch-through

      -Combination: Adds punch-through effect to projectiles destroying

      consecutive blocks in a line as long as the projectile has enough damage remaining after the previous block.  

      -Defensive: Hardens block armor with a % of damage reduction.  

      • Push

      -Combination: Add a physical push to your weapons in exchange for less damage overall.  

      -Defensive: Gives a burst forward to your ship (valuable in battle.)  

      • Pull

      -Combination: Adds a physical pull to your weapons in exchange for less damage overall.  

      -Defensive: Gives a burst backwards for your ship (valuable in battle.)  

      • Stop

      -Combination: Converts dps into a braking effect on your weapons to hold your enemies in place.  

      -Defensive: Nullifies the effect of natural gravity (e.g. from planets.)  

      Colored Weapons

      These can be achieved the same as other weapon combinations are, simply link any light emitting block to the primary computer and its projectiles will now be in that color.  

      New Weapon Panel & GUI changes

      To make handling effects and combinations easier, players can now edit them in a completely redesigned weapon panel.  With this, you can just drag & drop your prefered weapon together without having to manually connect the parts.  

      You can also now drag the weapons directly into your hotbar to use.  

      Enabling a navigation filter now also applies to the target markers you see on screen.  

      Also, the structure panel is now available for Space Stations, as well as planets.  

      Furthermore, you can now activate any block in build mode.

      Some new admin commands include /give_look and /give_slot these will allow an admin to more easily give specific block types.  

      Logic System

      Another brand new feature is a fully fleshed out logic system. With this system you can design any functional system you like.  

      Ever wanted to have blinking lights?  Airlocks?  Automatic doors?  Automatic gravity?  Automatic weapons?  Traps?  A computer in a computer?  

      These, and much much more are now possible.  

      There are 6 new blocks available:

      • Activation block: the main block of logic systems.  Sends a signal to whatever it is connected to.  Connect it to a door for example, the door will open remotely by activating this module.  You have to connect it to each block individually, as more than one block type can be connected.  

      • Not-Block: Takes a signal, inverts it, and sends it.  Other than that, it works exactly like the activation block.  

      • And-Block: Takes multiple signals, and sends 'true' if all those incoming signals are 'true' otherwise it sends a ‘false’ signal.  

      • Or-Block: Takes multiple signals, and sends 'true' if at least one incoming signal is 'true', and 'false' is all incoming signals are 'false'.  

      • Delay block: Takes a signal and waits half a second, then sends it.  You can achieve higher delay times if you chain these blocks together.  These blocks can only store one delayed signal at a time.  

      • Delay (non repeating): Like the delay block, but it will stop after one iteration if placed in a loop. 


      Round Planets

      Planets are now dodecahedrons! Existing planets in old universes will not be replaced, only undiscovered planets will have the new shape.  

      The reasons for choosing dodecahedrons are: they have the best trade-off between a round shape, and still maintaining the logic of a block based game. Also the implementation does not require a special case for every single thing in the game, which in other „rounder“ options would end up in a situation where I would basically be putting most my resources into implementing planets for a long long time (with doubt that it would even work or be fun to play at the end). 


      Planet Core

      The planet core is the center of the planet.  It has hitpoints, and heals very fast if hit.  But it can be destroyed.  If that happens, the planet will blow up, and all the planet segments will fly off into space (for performance reasons they will not collide with other objects for that time, but they will become physical again once they stop).  

      If you claim a planet with your faction block, all planet segments will gain that faction signature. But be sure to add faction blocks of the other segments too, so that it’s secure.  If made into a homebase, all planet segments as well as the core will be protected.  

      You can also now name your planet with the faction module on one of the segments.  If you want to change the name, on another segment, the first name has to be reset to “Planet” or nothing.  

      New Decorative blocks

      A lot of new decorative blocks have been added with some amazing textures by Tom (Kupu):


      All new and improved Normal maps have been added among many other texture and animation fixes. Plex lights now also have an On / Off texture.

      New Default Ships

      New default ships made by Zero_Sen and Calbiri, using the new weapons, have been added to the default blueprints for the trade guild and pirates to use. 

      Coming effects

      Graphics effects will be added later, when the new particle system is done.  

      Optimization and Bug fixes

      Amongst other small optimizations, a huge physics optimization has been made to ensure further scaling of the game. Especially for huge ships colliding, new algorithms have been implemented to reduce the time taken to search for colliding blocks (in millions of blocks).  

      Also the physics system will now attempt to solve situations where objects get stuck without warping to give a better ship battle experience.  It will now just push the ships outside each other using a low-performance-mode of the physics.  

      Far over 100 bugs have been fixed over the last months as well.  Please go to the StarMade Bug Tracker to get an overview.  

      The testing has become a lot more efficient and streamlined thanks to AndyP, who did great work setting up and maintaining the new tracker.  (I had some trackers before but I always ended up doing everything myself, which kind of defeats the purpose, so I kept a personal tracker only up until now). Thanks to all the testers.

      Please be sure to make a backup of your Universe, as bugs might still be happening, because we only have so few testers.  

      If you want to become a tester, please send a message to AndyP through the forum.  Also, the new launcher that is planned will give testers exclusive access to the dev builds.  

      Whats to come next

      With the weapon and logic systems implemented I have a lot off my plate.  I plan update more frequently and not put so much into a build all at once.  

      The next few updates will focus on a redesign of the crafting system, then warp drives/gates will be coming.  Along with that we will work on the content for the creature system (3d models etc.)  


      Thank you for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • May21

      Trade Guild releases archival footage

      The trade guild has just released secret footage of a prototype Isanth that they have long kept a secret.

      Why have they suddenly come forward with this information?

    • May19

      Balance and Effects

      After seeing lots of questions on the thread for this dev build, we thought it would be helpful to put some of the answers in the news so more players can easily understand what is occuring in the dev build as far as balance and effects in the new weapon system.

      • Power - Its true that you current weapons may be using more power than before, currently I'm testing with everything using 10 power per 1 damage done, this may change, but I have to start testing somewhere.  There may also be changes to increase the power system in the future, so things may change from that as well.  
      • Shields - Yes, shields are overpowered right now per block usage, but this will be decreased.  We'd like to see the power/block usage requirements of shields be just slightly cheaper than your weapons, this will put a higher efficiency on defense over offense, lending towards longer instead of shorter fights, this gives you time to actually apply your piloting skills instead of simply running an equation on whose ship is bigger.
      • Range - The thought behind the 3 range values being used are this;
        • Long range - Cannon and Missile systems have a travel time and only impact a single point
        • Medium range - Beam systems have no travel time, giving increased accuracy
        • Short range - Pulse systems have a minimal travel time, but apply their damage amount to all blocks in range, the more blocks hit, the more damage overall damage occurs (50 dmg system = 50 dmg per block)
      • Tertiary Effects - These are still having their mechanics adjusted to function properly, particularly the most recently added momentum effects and Ion effect.  I talk with Schema daily about changes we need, solutions to problems that come up and report bugs encountered.  I'm as anxious to get them working as the rest of you.  Also, since there's been some confusion about what does what, here is a rundown;
        • EMP - This mechanic is for you converting weapons damage into power reduction on the target ship. 
        • Ion - This effect converts weapons into shield ablating types.  They gain an increased damage to shields at the cost of reduced damage against solid matter.
        • Punch Through - This is to allow any damage remaining in a shot to punch through a block it just destroyed to impact the next block behind it, this may occur multiple times until a shots damage amount is used up.
        • Piercing - This system will convert your weapons damage into a radiant type of damage, passing through all blocks in its path and dividing its damage among the blocks impacted, regardless of whether any are destroyed.
        • Explosive - This effect converts your weapons impact point into an explosion, reducing the damage you do to the primary impacted block, but additionally doing damage to the blocks neighboring it.
        • Stop - This acts like brakes to an affected target.  Your system uses pulses (non constant) of inertia dampening, attempting to counteract the thrust of the target ship and bring it to a stop.
        • Push - Pushes the affected target away from you. Your system uses pulses (non constant) of inertia to push the target ship.
        • Pull - Works in the opposite manner of the Push Effect
        • All Tertiary effect blocks also have a defensive use when not linked to a weapon system.  
      • New Weapons Menu has been added and should make assembling your new designs of weapons and understanding their output far easier.

      Thanks for playing,