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    • Dec13

      StarMade 0.1862 New Stations & Faction Security

      Hello and welcome to StarMade,


      we have a lot new players, so a warm welcome to all of you.

      This update contain a few features that will make it more easier for new players to find a faction, a lot more stuff to explore in the universe, and bugfixes.


      Hotfix 0.1867:

      • Hopefully fixed vanishing ships bug (hard to track down)
      • Reverted audio lib but added an alternative library (in the startup sound settings (turn OpenAL off)) to combat the problem
      • Fixed faction being overwritten when docking as a neutral on a docking block of another faction
      • Fixed Station spawn propabilities (too much pirate). This will normalize in undiscovered territory only.
      • Fixed black holes spawning in totorial system.
      • Probably fixed black holes spawning in 0 0 0, but if it's still happening, it won't apply gravity
      • Turrets on neutral stations are now decayed
      • Fixed people crashing because of audio lib in the last versions
      • Fixed older blueprints that were not working
      • Fixed new worlds not having any ships with the "enemy spawnable" flag


      Hotfix 0.1863: Fixed neutrals being denied salvage, and a startup error on servers (which was around for a little longer), that would not cause the server to stop, but be in a very instable state.

      Hotfix #2: there was a mac issue which made the game unplayable for them. servers dont need to update for this one.

      Faction Role Permissions


      This new feature now allows faction members to restrict access to their structures over the faction block. The access can be set by rank, and only that or better ranks can edit/enter that structure.

      That way, factions don't have to worry about double-agents infiltrating the faction and destroying the home base and all their ships when they are offline, as long as they don't promote that double agent.

      Another feature is a 'Friendly fire' options for factions. This can be set to each role individually in the faction options. A member in that role with that option will be kicked from the faction on the 3rd attack on their own faction.


      This will hopefully help factions to admit more new players without having to fear about their belongings being destroyed.


      I will also add faction rank based permission blocks that can be placed on any block that can be activated (e.g. storage) to serve the same purpose on a more detailed scale.



      Station Contest Winners

      Finally the stations of the winners are in the game. They will deployed only if the server didn't use custom stations yet (removing the folder would deploy them on next start).

      These station will now spawn in neutral slots in the galaxy generator. Already explored systems might have a little bit more pirate stations than they should have but it is fixed and should normalize over time. All trading guild stations are shops and currently invulnerable (since there is more planned for them). Pirate stations not only have turrets, but they also call for support.


      Descriptions are taken from the content pages of the entries.

      Derelict Stations

      Gamma Derelict by tenk11kamikaza

      Author's description: well here it is,my first completed entry for station contest,abandoned station. 10 bedrooms,1 command tower,1 medium hangar,1 external landing pad,1 bar,1 core room. hope you like it!


      Tranquility by Tshara

      Author's description: The station is part of the neutral faction. So basically an abandoned station. However I see this station more as mothballed. It’s in perfect order just stripped of all equipment. The only thing left are the power and shield systems.

      Medical Derelict by Atomic Yams

      Author's description: A semi-destroyed hospital station

      Shangra-La by Crimson-Artist

      (no description)

      Nova by worms

      (no description found)

      Trading Guild Stations

      Outpost by dalmond

      Author's description: My first entry into the station contest! A small Trading Guild outpost; features a biodome, habitation ring, logical gravity elevator, hangar bay, shielding, shop, respawn point, and much more!

      Space Port by MaranellongGuild.

      Author's description: This station have a very high-tech factory built look of course with civilians eye for aesthetics and prestige.

      The SpacePort features 3 docks, all designed for Isanth type-Zero's, A factory that's able to macro-assemble, micro-assemble and refine ores. the station also features a control room/ office area, where materials are sold and bought.

      all three docks have signals at the entrance, showing if the dock is occupied or not.


      (no pic available)

      here is a video review:


      Refueling Station by Zeno9141

      Author's description: My entry for the Station Contest. A simple but pleasing Trading Station used for refueling.

      - A cozy, detailed interior
      - A free parking spot for ships
      - Explosive fuel tanks... BOOOOM!

      Trade Hub by Vanhelzing

      Author's description: So here is my entry for the contest. This is a trade hub. Designed more for the storage of goods and temporary visits. Basically a pit stop where you can rest while your ship is loaded with goods.


      Gamma Trade Station by tenk11kamikaza

      Author's description: well here it is: 7 medium infinity class turrets,luxury floors,big power supply,2 hangars



      Pirate Stations

      Nexus by tenk11kamikaza, Dalmont and Raiben

      (no description)

      Hub Station by Vanhelzing

      Author's description: This is my second station for the station build contest. It is a pirate hub, a home base as it were for the pirates of StarMade. The station was abandoned until pirates came along and starting adding to it. It is meant to look functional, but also amalgamated with chunks of metal that the pirates have added on over time.



      Night Bane Station by jzimmerman4

      Author's description: The most sinister pirate station created for the station contest.

      - Isanth friendly hanger
      -Ship storage (for all them stolen goods)
      -Treasure room
      - Cryo pods
      -The all so necessary space bar
      - Research facility (lets hope the purple vines don't get out of control again)
      - Holo room
       -5 defense towers
      -20 turrets


      Pirate Military Station by Lancake

      Author's description: It's an expensive/sturdy looking station made by the richest pirates in the starmade universe. Has 8 strong turrets that have 0 shields but should be able to damage medium sized ships without a problem.

      The station itself has automatic opening external hangar doors. Lights in those tubes will go red when vacuum is entering (when the doors open on the outside) and there is a switch at the command center to put the station on high alert, closing all elevator doors and turning on flashing red lights.

      Because the owners of this station are a bunch of cowards they also placed down a 100 000 hp strong shield on it so they get more time to escape if needed.


      Command Center by Fwiffo

      Author's description: This is my entry for the StarMade station contest - A pirate station with a command center theme, has 9 small turrets for defense, decent shields, a faction module, and a pretty big interior.

      after lots of trouble trying to get these pictures uploaded, here they are, enjoy.



      Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants. Round two of the station contest will probably be in January, where more stations will be added to the pool. Also in the future, we are trying to populate the stations with spawners, and also loot will be hidden on the stations for players to find.




      Bug Fixes

      Those with sound looping problems, I apologize for this bug. I updated the sound library and am trying out several things, but it's very hard to test unfortunately.

        Resolved 2
      1433 Docked/Turret entities docked to homebase planets are vulnerable on the segments other than the one with the faction block
      1424 Random "indexoutofboundsexception" crashes when playing on Multiplayer
        Closed 8
      1372 Duplicate by using factories, multi slots only
      1224 Inconsistencies In blockBehaviorConfig.xml
      1351 Skin File Exploit
      1431 Anyone can reset the faction signature/ salvage the faction module
      1405 Item duplication in factory
      1252 Explosive defense system does NOT protect against stop, push or pull
      1362 group power penalty is not applied
      1441 Faction: Typo and OK button doesn't work

      As always, if there is anything pressing, I'll do my best to fix it asap!


      Next Steps

      The redesign of the HUD/GUI is in works, and we hope to get the update out before christmas. Then work on a new docking system (including a rail system, and a new turret system) will begin.



      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema


    • Dec3

      StarMade 0.1851 Hotfixes and More Mining

      Hello player,

      the last update sparked a lot of discussion. I understand both sides, but since both arguments are very play-style specific (casual, hardcore, fighter, etc) it's not easy to make everyone equally happy. I'm trying to add more and more options for servers to find a setting their players can enjoy.

      But as a game mechanic, buying blueprints from credits destroys any effort to make an economy. In game economies there are always "in"s and "out"s. You want to minimize the "in", else something like "demand" cannot be generated. Something that basically generates blocks from nothing is an infinite "in" which is ok for creative, but not ok in any other setting, since the "in" should be the blocks themselves (which are practically infinite already, but they take work to process)

      So here are the changes:

      • Possible asteroid size has been increased by 30%
      • Raw resources in asteroids have been increased by ~30%
      • Doubled mining bonus in territory (both for owner and others)
      • Max stock for shops increased from 10k to 50k
      • Initial fill and refill of shops is now 10 times more
      • Added server.cfg mining multiplicator to basically allow the server admins to decide how hard it should be to mass up blocks.


      • Fixed Planet Cores being vulnerable in protected sectors
      • Fixed blueprints not being destroyed (and refunded) when blueprint is deleted or changed
      • Fixed Scanner Antenna not showing up in blueprint lists


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema


    • Dec1

      StarMade 0.185 Blueprint Meta Items

      Hello again,

      a little update with a major gameplay feature: Shops instead of selling ships of blueprints for credits, they will now sell blueprint metaitems that the player has to fill up with exactly the blocks the ship of the blueprint requires.

      Should the blueprints you bought in any way differ in materials when you spawn it (if it's been deleted, or modified), it will give you back all your materials.

      Yes, this means that credits will lose a lot of value, but that's intended as crafting should be the thing that drives economy. If you disagree, I added a value in the server.cfg to revert all that to the old system.

      This is basically the first step towards shipyards, which will use those blueprints as input and will gradually put your ship together. So please keep in mind that this current system is not final. Also the fact that you can spawn the blueprints in anywhere is a test and by no means final (you still need to buy the meta items from a shop).

      To give credits still a value, all support/weapon meta items are now available to buy from the shop NPC's.

      Also there have be some minor balance fixes for weapons, though nothing has been buffed or nerfed, but accuracy of values has been increased.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,
      - schema

    • Nov29

      StarMade 0.1845 Another round of fixes

      Hello players,

      as Steam release is getting closer (can't confirm a date yet), I'll focus on bug fixing.

      Here is another release full of fixes and re-fixes of things that weren't fixed yet.

      One bigger thing is a complete redesign of the core of how beam ticks are counted. There should be accurate now.

      There is also an optimization for servers without SSD, where they should have longer lags as the database marked entries as "dirty" wrongly causing a huge write to the hard drive where only maybe 0.001% is actually needed to be written. I can't say yet if my method works, but in the worst case there is no difference.

      Here are the fixes so far, and thanks to all the testers as always:

        Resolved 9
      1224 Inconsistencies In blockBehaviorConfig.xml
      1334 GLException: simple lighting quality
      1119 linked storages have visual logic laser line links on startup.
      1300 Physical entities such as shops, planets and stations not appearing in Galaxy Map
      591 Undocking stuck turrets from their motherships can cause both mothership and turret to fly off stuck at very high speeds
      1059 Undo max config setting doesn't get saved.
      950 Radar Jammer and/or Cloaker is not working against homing missiles
      292 Beams displaying wrong DPS in weapons menu.
      941 Copy&paste 7 and even more lines into blueprint descriptions.
        Closed 15
      1319 Beam + Cannon Draws Negative Power
      1161 Beams 'skip' their first damage tick.
      1332 Cloakers, jammers and jumpdrive ignore docked mass
      951 Small weapon with 100% stop effect can stop huge ships and affect shield
      970 Linux: Updating creates mirror folder - original untouched
      1043 Missile support has incorrect damage scaling
      1044 Weapons fire from AI ships becomes severly maloriented, beam animation renders significant distance away from ship.
      720 AI has a fixed range.
      894 beams and pulse not killing astronauts
      1012 Chain Docking: Blue box is facing the wrong direction.
      1113 Using joystick throttle gives more thrust than without
      1291 Faction List Bug
      1317 Houdini Blocks - Undone Blocks Reappearing After Exit/Resume
      1293 Item loss when using undo
      1078 "Search currently installed" under Options&Repair without function


      Stay tuned for the date announcement of the steam release. Also the stations will be there very soon (I apologize for the delay).

      Oh and as you probably noticed, there is a new launcher version. This version fixes some issues (some linux love), as well as support parallel downloading to speed up updating by a lot.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,
      - schema

    • Nov24

      StarMade 0.1839 Bug Fixes, Balance & Announcement

      Hello players,

      here is a balance update as well as some bugfixes.

      EDIT v0.18392: The simultanious fps drop issue on servers has been fixes, as well as a random ClassCastException.


      Balance Changes:

      Ratio Fixes

      Since not many people were happy with the change in distribution in ratio, I went back and rewrote the module to make it possible to redistribute in any combination. This means ratio of master to slave will once again just be 1:1. Effects are independent once again and are also 1:1 to master.

      This is NOT the old system. The change still fixes the bug that forced me to change it in the first place. It is also not a buff or a nerf, as the dps will just stay the same. With 50 modules you get that 50 modules worth of dps no matter how you distribute it (as long as you don't go over 100% ratio)

      I apologize for any inconvenience and players having to adapt ships again, but the truth is that balance just is not easy to achieve. Moving things around affect 1000 other things, and that's why sometimes drastic measures are necessary only to find a more elegant solution later.


      Salvage Change

      Salvaging was broken for a longer time. Putting more than one module in a group didn't matter at all, and power consumption didn't represent the actual gain in blocks.

      A salvager now works more like the damage beam. it does "virtual" damage to a block, and if that damage is enough, the block will be mined. The block doesn't take actual damage of course. The default salvager now comes in bursts, but can me made a constant beam by combining it with a cannon.

      The virtual salvage damage done to a block is just like the damage beam dependent on how many blocks are in a group. That means simply: The more salvage modules in a group, the faster you will mine.


      Other Beams

      All the other support beams have also been adapted to use the new tick-rate style the same way damage beams do.



      The radius missiles do and the potential block destruction make missiles very powerful. The default radius has been decreased a little but the radius for the missile+pulse combination has been upped by a lot for all your doom device needs.

      AS ALWAYS: all of these changes are not final. Balancing is always a hard topic, since it's very subjective in a lot of cases, and believe me: I'm not actually trying to make the game worse for players, but the opposite. I'm doing my best to do so, and even if sometimes it might seem a little drastic, I only have the best for the complete picture in my mind.


      The game crashed when using pulse on an astronaut, and beams still didn't hurt them. Undo had a bug where there could be leftovers of the undo when relogging, or saving it as blueprint. While astronauts now take damage from suns and inside black holes, that shouldn't be the case if you are on a ship.


      Charity Livestream

      Raiben will soon do a live stream to help the family of his deceased friend. As somebody who knows how hard it is to lose people close to you and since Raiben is a friend, I will support his cause. Here is the go-fund-me page

      Small Announcement



      Thanks for playing StarMade,
      - schema