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    • Nov21

      StarMade v0.19498 Slabs & New Blocks

      Hello players,


      Here is a small but impactful update before the cargo update.


      EDIT: Hotfix: Crash fix for intel and some other cards that only support GL2.1


      While implementing cargo, we looked at different options to display different states of a cargo area filling up, and a long planned feature came back into discussion: slabs.


      With having finished a lot of ground work in the past year, they finally became possible, and here they are. As always, of course, scalability is our main concern, so we made sure that slabs wouldn’t impact performance any worse than any other block. This is possible because of the grid system in use.


      There are 3 different sizes of slabs available: Quarter, Half, and Three-Quarter Slabs

      The slabs are taking a block id, but a system was built to make creating and maintaining them as easy as right clicking on a category in the block editor.


      Since we knew that with another 3 sub-types of blocks, the inventory would become incredibly cluttered, the slabs aren’t items in the inventory, so only the full block version is needed. They can be placed down by selecting any full block that has slabs, and then conveniently selecting the slab size in the advanced build mode. Any slab can of course also be rotated in all 6 directions.


      Slab versions of special blocks like wedges and corners will follow. If necessary the internal size of blocks can be expanded from 3 to 4 bytes, effectively doubling block ids a few times, so don’t worry about block ids running out.

      Currently we have added slab variants for all Hull types, Hazard Stripe blocks, Doors and Force Fields.


      New Textures

      Good news everybody, we are expanding your range of building materials! We have monitored feedback over the past year and have begun to implement a few of the most popular requests. In this release, we have added Dark Grey Hulls. You can expect a few more in the run up to the winter holidays.

      You may (or may not) have noticed some slight UI changes. We have begun to look into some legibility and scale issues. Our plan is to further streamline the UI, provide support for players using high resolutions and a wider range of characters for translation packs.


      List of fixes:


      We are working to fix the problem of spawning inside a block for good. For now, you can hit the 'up arrow' key after spawn to warp out of any stuck situation.


      T839 Certain weapons mounted directly to an asteroid and then fired will crash the game at the next autosave

      T789 deleting shipyard core anchor when design is loaded, removes it from the database

      T786 Players that are attached to a ship via alignment share the ship's shield when shot.

      T748 Tutorial Immediately Bugged

      T722 Recursive use of create dock feature in shipyards breaks out of creative mode

      T680 Ships not checking for collision before docking

      T640 game config: computer limitation does not work and acts like group limitation

      T490 Planet part entities does not vanish even without any blocks

      T450 Fix for entity-flag exploit does not affect already created entities.

      T400 Warpgate faction permission issue

      T258 All blocks are rotatable

      T233 Chat kick and ban options

      T64 /Destroy_Entity and overheating making rail entities invulnerable/untouchable

      T52 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in storage UI


      Black Hull textures are now darker.

      Shield Drain & Shield Supply are now correctly labeled on their CPU texture.


      Next update, the cargo system should be ready,


      Thanks for playing StarMade,


      - The Schine Team

    • Nov6

      StarMade v0.19485 Internationalization Support & Bugfixes

      Hello players,

      EDIT: HOTFIX 0.19488: fixed missing textures. fixed high bandwidth usage on servers. fixed a crash in a running condition. fixed blueprints not correctly loading inventory pull. fixed clients crashing on changing inventory pull on older blueprints.


      this update is mostly for bugfixes and to introduce internationalization for the game. We have some little problems with our CDN (cloud), so depending on your location it might take a little for the update to become available. We hope to fix those issues in the coming week.


      Language Packs

      As some probably already found out in the last build, StarMade will now support language packs. Although, there isn’t a complete pack available yet , they can already be created and used by setting them in the settings.cfg. As soon as there is official packs, and option in the startup options to change language will become available.


      There is a fully functional language editor already available in the startup options under “tools”, which automatically takes the original texts of the latest version and marks them as changed, so updating from version to version should just be a thing of translating new or changed entries. To create a language to use it will have to be placed in StarMade/language/languageName/pack.xml

      Keep in mind that changing the default “english” as that is the original “blueprint” for language and will reset as that is based on the build itself.


      The reason for the delay on that was to finally go over every text entry in the game and to re-engineer corrected text into the code.


      Internationalization is always a critical point in development, since if it’s done wrong, it can severely slow down development from that point, or even cause a complete mess (I witnessed that happening in previous work experiences).

      To prevent that, a lot of extra design work was put in.


      Technically for a coder, using internationalization is as easy as using printf with just a different function name. There is now a preprocessor that will automatically process all uses of that function and create a Language Class with static variables replacing the occurrences. On startup those variables will be filled with the entries from the used language pack. This means, that performance doesn’t suffer at all from using language packs.


      Furthermore this system even saves performance, as all occurrences of ingame server messages are automatically indexed and just the index and its arguments are sent, so the client can use a translation if possible. This means, a lot of text that took bandwidth from the server is now reduced to just sending a number.

      Bug Fixes


      We heard the criticism about the transporter beacon and we agree that it makes shuttle play too irrelevant. The “beam down beam” will therefore be on hold for a little while until we further assess the balance and maybe come up with more elegant solutions. The transport beacon now has a charge time. The default is a little slow but item improvement will also be a thing. If there is future debuffing needed we are playing with the thought of having the beacon discharge on movement of the astronaut.


      Some major bugs have been fixed. Foremost there seemed to be a NullPointer which was plaguing servers, which hopefully shouldn’t happen anymore.


      Also, all weapons/tools have been a little bugged due to the optimization where it appeared that the entity behind another entity was hit. This issue has been fixed and does not occur anymore.


      Race Gate laps have been fixed. There was also a bug that Race Gates wouldn’t always trigger when going through, which has also been fixed/improved.


      Another bug was that people were getting stuck in their cores, which should have been improved now. Getting stuck inside a block prevented you from removing/using it but that has been fixed completely so it should be easy to unstuck yourself.


      Furthermore the tutorial has been fixed. There was a problem that NPCs appeared to fall through the tutorial station, and also a NullPointer when talking to NPC-00.


      AI macro Simulation was overall pretty broken, but should now be fixed. Response fleets should again work correctly, as well as other encounters/patrols. All weapons trigger a fleet event again.


      Some minor fixes have been done to shipyards to prevent exploitation. Also there was a bug that any multi slot item in an inventory of a deconstructed ship was lost. This is now also fixed. The bug that ships are cut off was already fixed in the last release.


      Collision damage has been improved and is now applied to both colliding entities. It is also now saved correctly.


      Lastly, linking a computer to itself will no longer cause that computer to lose its link with the shipcore. This caused it to disappear from the Weapons Menu.


      You can now also use the admin command /simulation_info and /simulation_clear_all to combat potential lag caused by simulation (pirate groups getting stuck, or just cleaning up in general).


      The next update scheduled will be in two weeks,


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

          the schine team

    • Nov2

      StarMade V0.19476 Transporters, Activation Gates, Optimizations and more

      Hello players,

      The Schine Team has been hard at work since TwitchCon, and we are super excited to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on!


      Side Note: We will be jumping back into our planned 2 week release cycle schedule, with our next release scheduled for November 6th.



      A long awaited feature is finally here! Transporters! Transporters allow you to instantly warp between transporter platforms within a short distance (the current sector, and any adjacent sectors). Be careful though! Using a transporter between ships will temporarily bring down shields on both the sending and receiving ships. If shields drop from transporters, they will recharge back up at the ship’s set shield recharge speed.


      Much like other systems within StarMade, the transporter system comes with a transporter computer and transporter modules. The modules are simply pads that you stand on, while the computer is used to control and activate the module. Make sure that you can either reach the computer while standing on the module, or have someone manage your transporter room. Logic will be added to the system in a coming update.


      Destination setting can be done from within the computer. All available destinations will become available. Any transporters that are located within the current ship or any of its docks will be available as a destination. Any transporters that are on other entities located either in the current sector or adjacent sectors, can also be made available by setting them to “public/faction access”. Be aware though that upon warping to a transporter on another entity, the shields of both entities will be dropped and have to be recharged! So never leave your transporters open; or you might find your shields dropped or a boarding party invading your vessel.


      Transporter Beacon

      The transporter beacon is a personal tool that enables the user to warp to a transporter as long as the vessel is in vicinity. Just use its beam to mark the transporter controller you want to be warped to, then open your inventory, right click on the item, and hit ‘transport’ to be warped to that transporter. This is very handy for exploration without a proper way to get back. In a future update there will also be a ship beam that lets the player set a manual target for a transporter.


      Activation Gates

      Activation Gates work just like Warp Gates with the difference being that instead of warping, they will emit  a ‘true’ signal when a ship is passing through. This is only activated on actual passing of an entity. This feature will help for logic with much bigger structures where the trigger area blocks start to lag.

      Race Gates

      This is a feature I wanted to do for some time. It seems a bit random but is part of a bigger picture. There are most likely several bugs with the race gates, however they should be mostly functional for basic racing.


      To create a race track, you will have to create a chain of Gates. These gates can be on the same or multiple entities. To link gates, the same method as the warp gates is used: the marker beam. Right click with the marker beam on the computer of one destination gate and left click on the gate you want to create the link from. Continue to do this process for each Gate in the chain, linking the Race Gate Computer to the next gate’s computer.


      Then you can create a race by activating the Race computer with ‘R’. The computer you use is going to be the starting gate of that race. Players can join either from the computer itself (if it’s public access), or from the menu on the top (messages/quests) if you have any dialog open.


      To start the race, you have to link from an activation module/button to the race computer you used to create the race (the starting gate). The race will start when a true signal is received in that race computer, so it’s possible for the builder to set up logic count downs and other mechanics that all racers can see.


      The race creator can even set laps and buy-in money which is then paid out to the first 3 finishers. We will keep an eye on how this works in the real world and tweak the settings if needed in a future update.


      Raycasting Optimizations, aka a lot less lag from extensive mining

      Planet eating miners that in the past brought down a server in seconds now only create a fraction of the lag they did before.


      Database update to get rid of block data for found stations

      Databases now load the NPC stations without copying them to the database as long as they are not modified. This means a huge decrease of database growth.


      Admins can retroactively apply the feature to their db (as it only is applied to newly spawned stations) with the startup parameter:


      PLEASE NOTE: Depending on size, this can take hours (we are talking 48h+ for 200gb. This will most likely be optimized with the next update), as the program looks through every file looking for similarities and header matches.

      Also PLEASE BE SURE TO CREATE A BACKUP before doing this.


      Asteroid replenish server option


      There is now an option to periodically let the server replenish asteroids in the server cfg. To trigger, a sector will have to be unloaded and completely empty. If the time of the time it last replenish is beyond the waiting period set in the config, the sector will regenerate. This will help bridge the time until a better system takes its place.


      Bug Fixes

      One bug that had haunted me for a long time is (hopefully) finally fixed. Players should no longer fall out of moving ships upon sector change.


      T796 Items can't be dragged into inventory menus

      T795 game crashes when trying to view relations of another faction

      T782 Transporter unreliable in multiplayer/synch bugs with transporter

      T769 Null pointer when pasting linked modules in un-initialized chunks.

      T768 "create docking" doesn't check for already existing entities, duplicate method

      T719 Shipyard exploit while server is updating block count

      T711 ship core can be destroyed completely

      T671 Not all weapons trigger response fleets

      T663 Shipyard running out of power causes loss of blocks

      T658 Shipyards cut off parts of a ship

      T654 warhead explosion lag allows damage without warhead destruction

      T653 Null pointer/GL_STACK_OVERFLOW when you look at rail blocks in build mode

      T646 Game config: ship limit affects station and planet entities

      T640 game config: computer limitation does not work and acts like group limitation

      T639 Nullpointer when using "search by name" with meta items

      T637 Shipyard Item Duplication Bug

      T621 Keyboard help does not update without game restart

      T614 Tech info shows confidential information

      T576 Amount sellable appended instead of replace when overselling using sell amount

      T561 creative mode allows you to drop blocks in a shop -> infinite blocks

      T539 ship core not producing power when first spawned

      T490 Planet part entities does not vanish even without any blocks

      T450 Fix for entity-flag exploit does not affect already created entities.

      T428 Stay attached to ship while being logged out

      T400 Warpgate faction permission issue

      T384 Power/Shield Drain and supply beams power issues

      T379 Removing containers places there content in an offset position

      T323 COLLISION_DAMAGE_THRESHOLD does not work

      T313 JVM Crash detected: incorrect dialog

      T297 Player hp doesn't get saved

      T234 no meta items in storage filter system

      T233 Chat kick and ban options

      T199 able to lock on in zoom mode

      T185 Multi slot items don't show tooltip

      T86 Planet segments have 0 mass


      Next update

      As noted above we’ll be returning to our planned 2-week release schedule. This will help make development a lot more predictable for the community and especially servers. To get us back on schedule our next release will be later this week and will be addressing a lot of bug fixes and performance optimizations that come out of this release.


      Thank you for playing StarMade,

      - The Schine Team.

    • Sep7

      Starmade v0.19431 - No More Turret Lag, Jump Inhibitors & Admin Tools

      Hello players,


      This update is meant to clean up some stuff that has been in the queue for a while. It is also an update for server admins to make their lives a little bit easier.


      Turret/Raildock Optimization

      Due to optimizations in several parts of the code to reduce the quantity of collision checks and make them faster altogether, as well as some relief in the docking chain updates, approximately 90% of turret lag has been eliminated. Depending on turret sizes and count, ships that before had a hard time to get 5fps with active AI now run smoothly with almost no lag due to turrets.


      Also, some advanced algorithms have been implemented to reduce lag on very large turrets, once again making use of special properties in a block game. If anyone is interested in the techniques used, please leave a comment and I’ll write up a dev blog for it.

      Jump Inhibitors

      In pvp, the advantage of being able to change multiple one-block jump drives to jump into an enemy sector, fire all weapons, and jump out has been rightfully criticized a lot.

      To combat this situation, but not to nerf long distance traveling, a new system has been introduced: The jump inhibitor.


      This system works exactly like the jump drive with the difference that a player doesn’t have to actively charge it. It can be turned on/off at will. When on, the jump inhibitor will discharge all jump drives in the same or adjacent sectors. The rate of discharge depends on the amount of modules used on the jump inhibitor. This means if you have a strong enough jump drive, you can still overcome the jump inhibitor.


      Inventory Management

      Better creative mode inventory

      The creative mode inventory has been improved to now copy & paste items to the hotbar instead of moving them. Also, the search will no longer blend out filtered items, but display them one after another.


      Inventory Pulling add-ons

      You can now set an inventory to pull whole categories (same as in a shop). This should make automated inventory management a lot easier.


      You can now also pull meta items.

      Admin Tools

      Server Update Lag Monitoring Tool

      A tool to monitor sectors and objects that take very long to update has been added. This will make it easy to identify any sector where a lot of slowdown is happening. You can turn on the monitor in the general options ingame, but you have to be admin to enter the detailed view (F7). Lag will also be recorded so you can check on lag-spikes after they happened. Be aware that the reason, the “server not responding” message can appear is not only due to objects taking long to update on the server. It could be a simple network lag, too.

      Restrictions for the Game Config

      Admins can now add restrictions to the GameConfig.xml to better control their server and prevent possible abuse/lag.

      There are examples for possible restrictions in /data/config/GameConfigDefault.xml (if you already have an existing GameConfig.xml in your install dir, you have to edit that, as the default is only a template that gets copied if no config exists)


      • Restrict ships by mass or block-count

      • Restrict ship computers by count per type

      • Restrict ship systems by connected groups per computer (prevents monster salvagers)

      Starmote has been revived

      The tool now once again works, but is still a little barebone. A lot more features will be added in the future though.

      Temporary Bans/Whitelisting

      Admins can now issue temporary bans. Players will be notified about the time remaining on their ban on attempting to connect to that server.

      The option has been added to the standard ban commands like for example

      "/ban (playername) (kick) [reason] [time]"

      Wave management

      Admins can now manually manage spawnable waves. This will be applied to all the spawning AI on the server.

      Each wave can be assigned a difficulty (should be between 1 and 10 for now), and even a faction.

      Upon the game requiring a wave it will use the closest difficulty of a wave with the faction it needs to spawn on.

      Wave Management can be accessed in the admin tab of the catalog.


      If no wave is set for a faction, and the AI requests one for it, the old system of 'enemy usable' flags will be used.


      Texture updates

      As some of you may have noticed,  we are in the midst of working on new texture features.
      In the coming weeks, emissive, specular and shine maps will be added to the game.  The project is ongoing and still in infancy,  should you spot any anomalies please report your findings to Kupu.  He has an open thread for such things in the Texture Pack sub-forum.




      As we found that the quality suffers too much from compression to the point where the next lower resolution looks almost better than a compressed higher one, Texture compression has been disabled as a default setting from now on.  If you are experiencing extreme FPS drop, we recommend you either reduce the resolution of your texture pack,  turn off normal maps,  or re-enable Texture Compression in the Advanced Options within the Starmade launcher.

      Emissive and Specular maps will soon be available in the Pixel pack for those running on slower systems.



      T580 Nullpointer while saving of Station blueprints from multiplayer to local

      T576 Amount sellable appended instead of replace when overselling using sell amount

      T551 Turrets are not saved and linked correctly in shipyards

      T546 Using "create docking" on station causes nullpointer

      T544 reboot key combo (tab+y) in astronaut mode causes nullpointer

      T543 Multiple Shipyards on single station cause issues

      T531 Add resolution: 3440 x 1440 to selectable game resolution

      T529 Unable to split multi stacked items

      T525 doors and forcefields can make a ship invulnerable

      T517 Multiplayer: Loading designs does not work.

      T511 cannot deconstruct to design/without design if shipyard inventory is full but has linked empty chests

      T510 undocking ship from shipyard will not allow you to redock it

      T501 Cooldown/reload animation not intuitive

      T490 Planet part entities does not vanish even without any blocks

      T489 ship catalog manager does not sort anymore

      T467 Highlighting/selecting sectors on galaxy map

      T463 placing block on asteroid not previously built on drops asteroids' original mass to 0

      T450 Fix for entity-flag exploit does not affect already created entities.

      T436 Factories on asteroids

      T428 Stay attached to ship while being logged out

      T415 Unable to kick members out of faction

      T233 Chat kick and ban options

      T225 radar jammer pirate exploit

      T99 Structure Tab: UNABLE TO LOAD GUI-UNIT: Jamming System


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema and the Schine Team

    • Aug20

      Starmade v0.194 - Shipyards

      Hello players,


      This is one of the bigger updates as shipyards are finally done. Their main purpose is to create a bridge between normal game play and a new creative mode. But it has a lot more functions than that. You can automatically construct or deconstruct ships, repair ships according to a design, test out ideas, and much more.


      Creative Mode for Blocks


      Before we talk about shipyards themselves, we shortly want to talk about a long anticipated feature: Creative Mode.

      This can be either in the game startup settings (below Tutorial) for single player, or via the admin command ‘/creative_mode <playername> <true/false>’ for multiplayer.

      This mode adds an extra tab in your inventory with unlimited amounts of every block type in the game.

      In future updates the sorting option as well as the assignment to the hotbar will improve, as at the moment the nicely sorted blocks quickly get unsorted when used.

      In this absolute creative mode you can also drop as many items as you want into other inventories like chests.




      Now for the main part of this update. Shipyards are now available for stations.

      They come in 3 blocks:


      • The shipyard computer, from where the shipyard is controlled and managed.

      • The shipyard module, which defines the shipyard physically

      • The core anchor, which defines where ships in a shipyard will be docked.


      How to create a shipyard


      In future updates, build mode will be enhanced not only for shipyards but also to give a visual guide on how to construct different systems. At the moment, the shipyard will give feedback in the form of text raising from the shipyard computer or the modules if it was constructed incorrectly.


      Shipyards are the most advanced entity in terms of structure next to warp gates. It has to be built as a series of arcs.


      So here is a guide on how to construct your first shipyard:


      1. Place down the shipyard computer and select it. (All shipyard modules have to be connected to it)

      2. Place down an arc, or a U shape. Both end points have to be in one straight line.

      3. Place down another arc that looks exactly like the first one to create a corridor. (The maximal distance from arc to arc is currently 50 blocks, but it is configurable in the blockBehaviorConfig.xml)

      4. Place down exactly one shipyard core anchor anywhere in the corridor. You can orientate this block in all 24 directions like a rail block.


      And you are done already.


      The size of ship you may dock is unlimited but the shipyard will not work if the length of the yard is too small (the other dimensions don’t matter as long as the docked ship doesn’t overlap with any block except the anchor).


      Keep in mind that docking your ship will put its core directly into the anchor. There are plans for the functionality to be able to add multiple anchors to serve multiple shaped ships.




      Ship designs are a new type of meta items. They are bound to a concept of a ship and can be loaded in shipyards to edit or to construct.


      Shipyard functionality


      A shipyard has several features. To access them, just hit ‘R’ (Activate/Open) on the shipyard, and press the “Place Order” Button.

      Here you can choose from several commands depending on the shipyard’s current state (e.g. if a ship is docked or not)


      Create New Design


      This will create a new design meta item, and load its content into the shipyard. A core will be placed exactly where the shipyard anchor is. A design is just a projection, so while you are able to edit it in the shipyard, you are not able to undock it. The huge advantage of editing a design is that you can edit a ship in creative mode.


      Unload Design


      This will unload the currently loaded design so the shipyard can be used for other tasks. This can also be done by right clicking on the currently loaded design meta item.


      Load Design


      You can either choose a design from a dropdown, or you can right click on any design that is currently placed in the inventory of the shipyard to load it.


      Construct Design


      This will create a real ship from the currently loaded design. It will calculate the required resources and collect them from the shipyard inventory. You can also activate item pulling for the shipyard to acquire blocks it needs from inventories that are connected to the shipyard computer. Once a ship is done constructing, you can undock it and use it like any other normal ship.


      Test out Design


      If you want to test out your loaded design before collecting the resources to build it, you can use this order. It will teleport you and the design into a virtual test sector. In future updates the test sector will contain several targets as well as an option to spawn in AI waves.


      Create Blueprint from Design


      You can also create a normal blueprint catalog entry from a loaded design.




      This can be used if a normal ship is docked to the shipyard. You have the option to either deconstruct a ship completely, or to create a design from it. All blocks the ship consists of (as well as the content of all chests) will be placed into the shipyard inventory and connected chests. All items that have no room to be placed in the inventory, are going to spawn in space beside the shipyard.




      This option restores a ship according to a design and places any leftovers into the inventories/space. In future versions, an option will be added to assign a design directly to a ship’s core to make repairing even more streamlined.


      Future Functions


      There are many more tools we want to add to shipyards, including being able to move a ship’s core, and connection to the logic and rail system for automatic deployment.


      Create Docking Tool


      There is also a new feature in the advanced build mode. You can now create a new dock in any shape and orientation. Just click on the button, select a rail surface to spawn it on, place the core and select its orientation with the mouse wheel.




      There were some optimizations in physics and rails to decrease the resting load of structures with a lot of them. Also, the collision routines of anything non cube (wedges, players, etc) has been improved.


      Furthermore, planet generation has been optimized a bit so it will be faster and put less total load on the cpu.




      Continued textural improvements include:

      Cleaner PlexDoor texture.

      Cleaner Metal Mesh texture.

      Revised computer back face.

      Revised Effect module tessellation.

      Revised Factory textures to fit the same theme as Shipyard blocks.

      New Motherboard textures.

      New Circuit textures.

      New Charged Circuit textures.

      New Decorative Fan texture.

      New Shipyard Computer / Shipyard Module / Shipyard Core Anchor textures.


      In preparation for coming graphical updates, we have performed a full overhaul of our normal maps and it’s shader for more accurate results. Accurate texture padding has also been added to avoid unsightly seams on block edges.

      For more information and samples see this post;


      Bugfixes + small config change


      There have also been some bugfixes like a softlock in the tutorial, and several crash fixes.

      Power penalty has been reduced for missiles (10% -> 2.5%) and disabled for damage pulse.


      Server admins can also now choose to not let players spawn directly from blueprints (mostly interesting for Role Playing or servers with harder settings). Also, it’s now possible to combat heavily modified blueprints by enabling a check in the server config that will remove any ship that has disallowed blocks on it (e.g.jump gate on a ship)

      Here is a list of other fixes:

      Starmade (Private) | T488 Ships that are piloted dissapear and eject the pilot when pilot fires weapons
      Starmade | T483 Nullpointer with "T" weapons menu
      Starmade | T467 Highlighting/selecting sectors on galaxy map
      Starmade (Private) | T450 Fix for entity-flag exploit does not affect already created entities.
      Starmade | T444 Turrets shoot at targets out of range in "Selected Target" mode
      Starmade | T417 Moving stations as admin by using /change_sector or /change_sector_for breaks territory claims
      Starmade | T400 Warpgate faction issue
      Starmade | T398 Ships can instantly use the cloaker or jammer after they have been revealed by a scanner
      Starmade | T313 JVM Crash detected: incorrect dialog
      Starmade (Private) | T225 radarjammer pirate exploit
      Starmade | T215 Players on docked rail entities are left behind during sector changes or jumps
      Starmade | T14 mouse sensitivity sync

      That’s all for now. If something is is broken, please report it and a hotfix will attempt to fix it as soon as possible.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema and the Schine team