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    • Feb7

      StarMade v0.1885 Hotfix and fast inventory management

      Hello players,

      this update contains a fix for servers freezing up (clients can't connect but the server will not hard crash).

      It also contains a few other fixes like asteroids turning brown after revisiting a sector. All asteroids that were affected by it will turn back retroactively, as long as they have not been moved or edited.

      Some GUI fixes are also done like new sliders with better usability as you can now click in the lane and new progress bars, as well as some smaller functionality fixes.


      Oh and one bigger thing is that you can now switch to chests or factories from the inside of your ship/build block. The new option "cargo" is in the ship/station dropdown on the top task bar. You can also access all the named inventories from any chest from the panel's dropdown in the top right.

      You first have to rename at least one chest/factory though which can be done from within the inventory panel. You can name up to 16 inventories per structure for the moment, but it is going to maybe get raised depending on its data usage on servers.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema and the Schine Team


    • Feb3

      StarMade v0.1882 GUI Fixes

      Hello players,

      here is a quick update to fix a lot of GUI related bugs and missing element:

      • fixed display block dialog and input font
      • fixed text limit on trash items
      • fixed list optimization
      • fixed list vram leak
      • fixed catalog delete button
      • fixed navigation panel nullpointer exception
      • fixed personal weapon indexoutofbounds exception
      • fixed reload indications for personal weapons
      • fixed active indication for cloaker etc
      • current recipe now displayed when factory inactive
      • fixed home-base display on own faction. added home-base in faction details in the diplomacy panel
      • added main size in the weapon panel
      • added name of weapon in the weapon panel. I'm still unhappy with this panel and it will probably be redesigned from scratch
      • re-added search for last ship in navigation
      • re-added scan history in navigation
      • re-added change owner for catalog (admins only)
      • updated player list (tab) with new style and sorting
      • texture fixed/changes (by Kupu)
        •   added slot numbers to hotbar
        •   minor fixed for graphics
        •   new inventory slot background
        •   added new sprite for several function to make them more clear visually (will be integrated to game in a later update)
      • fixed list reset on updates

      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema and the Schine Team

    • Jan31

      StarMade v0.188 - A completely new GUI

      Hello players,

      the new GUI is finally done. I know it took a little, but now the normal update cycle will start again.

      Designing, programming, and testing a GUI is a very time consuming process, especially when it’s replacing an already existing one.

      This update might seem lacking in new features, because it replaces a lot of things. But we hope it will make gameplay and usability a lot more comfortable.

      GUI System Main Features

      All of the art has been made by the awesome Kupu. Besides the new look, a lot of basic functionality has been added to the GUI. While the foundations for the new GUI designs are in,  we are aware some older windows need replacing and further work will be continued.

      Window position and size save

      Every window can now be resized and moved. Also the position of each window is saved and restored even after exiting the game.

      Dynamic window resize

      All key element of windows will dynamically resize with the window.

      List optimization

      Large lists will no longer cause lag.

      List filters, sorting, and searches

      Virtually every list in the game has now responsive search bars, filters, and sorting on every column. One feature many people requested for a long time was for example a shop search, which comes for free in the new GUI.

      Also the fixed tabs have been replaced with a menu bar on top for easy access to every panel.

      A lot of GUI elements like buttons give a lot better feedback to the user now.

      HUD System main features

      New Radar

      The radar in the top right has been replaced with a completely new system that will show other entities relative to the player’s current horizon.

      You can also switch on a bigger version in the options.

      New Message popup System

      The message system has been redone to be less obtrusive. There is still some work to do to get rid of unnecessary messages.

      Effect and Feedback System

      A pilot will now get feedback on what effects are currently affecting him. Also more instant information like power failure, being hit by a weapon with a side effect and much more will now appear in the HUD for the pilot to see.

      Cleaned up HUD

      The HUD has been made much cleaner with much less unnecessary info. Speed and other information is now in bars to the side. Information on what bar is what will display when changing into flight mode and then blend out to make the screen more free.

      The 3 icons on the top right are “shop in distance”, “new mail”, and “trading” (which will be implemented very soon)

      Small additions improving usability

      • Selecting an object now displays shield and power on the top left. Also if the name is too long, it will automatically scroll the name back and forth.

      • Options have been restructured to be much easier to navigate.

      • Relations of other factions are now accessible in the diplomacy tab.

      • Asteroid resource specs are now displayed in its name and also accessible in the navigation tab.

      • Item description is now available in the inventory.

      • Items can now be destroyed from the inventory

      • If the game window isn’t focused (alt+tabbed), the first click on the window will be consumed, as it’s pretty much random for the mouse system where the first focusing click went.  This means no accidentally shooting a weapon or other unwanted actions upon returning to the game.  

      Other features added

      Navigation bookmarking

      Players can now set up to 20 bookmarks (can be changed in server config) of sectors, and name them.

      Station Blueprints

      Stations now behave exactly like normal blueprints. You can now save your station from within a build block, and buy the blueprint of it. Buying the blueprint from the shop will cost 1m credits. This price can now also be changed in the server config.

      Updated shop descriptions

      Calbiri updated the shop description for missing entries and correcting spelling etc. More balancing will follow in the coming updates.

      New Decorative Blocks

      Kupu has added three awesome new decorative blocks;

      Decorative Charts

      Decorative Conduits


      Also the icons got updated to be more visible (e.g. for the glas).


      Some issues, large and small, have been fixed.

      Something to mention is a fix for players that would prevent the world from saving at all.

      Another new server config option is now also the separation of total thread pool and cpu thread pool. The default value of CPU thread pool has been lowered to combat the issue of  some machines slowing down to the point freezes.

      Minor fix : Yellow Lights and Yellow Rods now have a working “OFF” state.

      What’s next

      There will be some cleanup required for the old graphics and code. Also the new GUI will be made more organized so that it can be made into GUI/HUD packs that will be put on the content page for sharing.

      GUI layouts will receive a little more polish and some placeholder sprites will be replaced.
      The big messages on screen will be cleaned up to not be as intrusive as they are now.

      Also a new chat system with groups tabs and all the good stuff will be made (That’s why we held of changing the chat system for now)

      A lot of servers reported performance problems when a lot of people are playing. Thanks to their reports I already found a lot of areas to optimize the pipeline to hopefully eliminate the problems.

      The new docking system along with the rail system will be the next main project for gameplay.

      We’ll also will do further work on the game API.

      thanks for playing StarMade,

      - Schema and the Schine Team

    • Jan5

      StarMade dev Update: new GUI

      Hello players,


      I hope you had a good holiday season, and I wish you a happy new year.

      While things in the last week were a little slow, the new GUI is well on the way.


      Here are a few WiP pictures of the new HUD. As you can see, bars (power/shield/etc) have been moved to the sides.

      Please note that this is not in any way finished. This is just a snapshot and will probably look a lot different in the actual update.

      They will only be visible if needed of course. Every element is now much more in line with an overall design. Credits, and speed display are of course not done yet. A lot of more elements are also still to come for the HUD.

      Shop and Mail has been put into icons (third one will be for player trading).

      You can also see that the mini map has been overhauled to be much more usable. There will also be a bigger version available.


      Here you can see the the display for selected entities. The fps/ping will of course be moved down. Also, as you can see, effects affecting your ship will be displayed in the lower center. Positive effects will be green in the top center. Also all effects, including defensive, will be listed as icons in the top (better visible in the next picture)



      The messages on the side will be gone for the active effects, and a lot of status messages (also the big ones "Flight Mode" etc will be made much less intrusive).

      Here you can see the icons for defensive effects of overdrive and explosive. Also I forgot to mention the indicator change.



      All of the rest of the GUI are also on the way to be redesigned. All the GUI elements will also find their way into a config file for easy modding. We will also include a color palette for color blindness.

      I hope you like what you see. As said, this is just a snapshot and a lot more will come.


      I'm now working again in full force. There may be some little updates coming until the new GUI to address some bugs, as well as optimization. Thanks to all the server admins who agree to let us take performance data, as that is the data which is impossible to get otherwise (performance data of 40+ people playing). I already identified a ton of areas to improve. Especially the ping problems when a lot of players are on will be addressed and hopefully solved soon.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema

    • Dec13

      StarMade 0.1862 New Stations & Faction Security

      Hello and welcome to StarMade,


      we have a lot new players, so a warm welcome to all of you.

      This update contain a few features that will make it more easier for new players to find a faction, a lot more stuff to explore in the universe, and bugfixes.


      Hotfix 0.1867:

      • Hopefully fixed vanishing ships bug (hard to track down)
      • Reverted audio lib but added an alternative library (in the startup sound settings (turn OpenAL off)) to combat the problem
      • Fixed faction being overwritten when docking as a neutral on a docking block of another faction
      • Fixed Station spawn propabilities (too much pirate). This will normalize in undiscovered territory only.
      • Fixed black holes spawning in totorial system.
      • Probably fixed black holes spawning in 0 0 0, but if it's still happening, it won't apply gravity
      • Turrets on neutral stations are now decayed
      • Fixed people crashing because of audio lib in the last versions
      • Fixed older blueprints that were not working
      • Fixed new worlds not having any ships with the "enemy spawnable" flag


      Hotfix 0.1863: Fixed neutrals being denied salvage, and a startup error on servers (which was around for a little longer), that would not cause the server to stop, but be in a very instable state.

      Hotfix #2: there was a mac issue which made the game unplayable for them. servers dont need to update for this one.

      Faction Role Permissions


      This new feature now allows faction members to restrict access to their structures over the faction block. The access can be set by rank, and only that or better ranks can edit/enter that structure.

      That way, factions don't have to worry about double-agents infiltrating the faction and destroying the home base and all their ships when they are offline, as long as they don't promote that double agent.

      Another feature is a 'Friendly fire' options for factions. This can be set to each role individually in the faction options. A member in that role with that option will be kicked from the faction on the 3rd attack on their own faction.


      This will hopefully help factions to admit more new players without having to fear about their belongings being destroyed.


      I will also add faction rank based permission blocks that can be placed on any block that can be activated (e.g. storage) to serve the same purpose on a more detailed scale.



      Station Contest Winners

      Finally the stations of the winners are in the game. They will deployed only if the server didn't use custom stations yet (removing the folder would deploy them on next start).

      These station will now spawn in neutral slots in the galaxy generator. Already explored systems might have a little bit more pirate stations than they should have but it is fixed and should normalize over time. All trading guild stations are shops and currently invulnerable (since there is more planned for them). Pirate stations not only have turrets, but they also call for support.


      Descriptions are taken from the content pages of the entries.

      Derelict Stations

      Gamma Derelict by tenk11kamikaza

      Author's description: well here it is,my first completed entry for station contest,abandoned station. 10 bedrooms,1 command tower,1 medium hangar,1 external landing pad,1 bar,1 core room. hope you like it!


      Tranquility by Tshara

      Author's description: The station is part of the neutral faction. So basically an abandoned station. However I see this station more as mothballed. It’s in perfect order just stripped of all equipment. The only thing left are the power and shield systems.

      Medical Derelict by Atomic Yams

      Author's description: A semi-destroyed hospital station

      Shangra-La by Crimson-Artist

      (no description)

      Nova by worms

      (no description found)

      Trading Guild Stations

      Outpost by dalmond

      Author's description: My first entry into the station contest! A small Trading Guild outpost; features a biodome, habitation ring, logical gravity elevator, hangar bay, shielding, shop, respawn point, and much more!

      Space Port by MaranellongGuild.

      Author's description: This station have a very high-tech factory built look of course with civilians eye for aesthetics and prestige.

      The SpacePort features 3 docks, all designed for Isanth type-Zero's, A factory that's able to macro-assemble, micro-assemble and refine ores. the station also features a control room/ office area, where materials are sold and bought.

      all three docks have signals at the entrance, showing if the dock is occupied or not.


      (no pic available)

      here is a video review:


      Refueling Station by Zeno9141

      Author's description: My entry for the Station Contest. A simple but pleasing Trading Station used for refueling.

      - A cozy, detailed interior
      - A free parking spot for ships
      - Explosive fuel tanks... BOOOOM!

      Trade Hub by Vanhelzing

      Author's description: So here is my entry for the contest. This is a trade hub. Designed more for the storage of goods and temporary visits. Basically a pit stop where you can rest while your ship is loaded with goods.


      Gamma Trade Station by tenk11kamikaza

      Author's description: well here it is: 7 medium infinity class turrets,luxury floors,big power supply,2 hangars



      Pirate Stations

      Nexus by tenk11kamikaza, Dalmont and Raiben

      (no description)

      Hub Station by Vanhelzing

      Author's description: This is my second station for the station build contest. It is a pirate hub, a home base as it were for the pirates of StarMade. The station was abandoned until pirates came along and starting adding to it. It is meant to look functional, but also amalgamated with chunks of metal that the pirates have added on over time.



      Night Bane Station by jzimmerman4

      Author's description: The most sinister pirate station created for the station contest.

      - Isanth friendly hanger
      -Ship storage (for all them stolen goods)
      -Treasure room
      - Cryo pods
      -The all so necessary space bar
      - Research facility (lets hope the purple vines don't get out of control again)
      - Holo room
       -5 defense towers
      -20 turrets


      Pirate Military Station by Lancake

      Author's description: It's an expensive/sturdy looking station made by the richest pirates in the starmade universe. Has 8 strong turrets that have 0 shields but should be able to damage medium sized ships without a problem.

      The station itself has automatic opening external hangar doors. Lights in those tubes will go red when vacuum is entering (when the doors open on the outside) and there is a switch at the command center to put the station on high alert, closing all elevator doors and turning on flashing red lights.

      Because the owners of this station are a bunch of cowards they also placed down a 100 000 hp strong shield on it so they get more time to escape if needed.


      Command Center by Fwiffo

      Author's description: This is my entry for the StarMade station contest - A pirate station with a command center theme, has 9 small turrets for defense, decent shields, a faction module, and a pretty big interior.

      after lots of trouble trying to get these pictures uploaded, here they are, enjoy.



      Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants. Round two of the station contest will probably be in January, where more stations will be added to the pool. Also in the future, we are trying to populate the stations with spawners, and also loot will be hidden on the stations for players to find.




      Bug Fixes

      Those with sound looping problems, I apologize for this bug. I updated the sound library and am trying out several things, but it's very hard to test unfortunately.

        Resolved 2
      1433 Docked/Turret entities docked to homebase planets are vulnerable on the segments other than the one with the faction block
      1424 Random "indexoutofboundsexception" crashes when playing on Multiplayer
        Closed 8
      1372 Duplicate by using factories, multi slots only
      1224 Inconsistencies In blockBehaviorConfig.xml
      1351 Skin File Exploit
      1431 Anyone can reset the faction signature/ salvage the faction module
      1405 Item duplication in factory
      1252 Explosive defense system does NOT protect against stop, push or pull
      1362 group power penalty is not applied
      1441 Faction: Typo and OK button doesn't work

      As always, if there is anything pressing, I'll do my best to fix it asap!


      Next Steps

      The redesign of the HUD/GUI is in works, and we hope to get the update out before christmas. Then work on a new docking system (including a rail system, and a new turret system) will begin.



      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema